Our Values

Our values are built on quality, service, honesty and integrity. These values form the cornerstone of everything we do and allow us to provide our Centres with an exceptional client experience from the moment they contact us.

We promise to spend time to understand the most important aspects of what our Centres need(s) when it comes to delivering our qualifications.  Our focus is concentrating on the areas of importance to our clients, including dedicated customer support, exceptional supporting documentation and peerless service and turnaround times.

  • Learner-Centred: We promote a culture of access, responsiveness, flexibility, trust and quality in education, learning and training for our qualifications. We place the learner perspective at the centre of our work and encourage stakeholders to do so.
  • Improvement-Oriented: We are a learning, developing and evolving organisation, committed to continuously evaluating and improving the quality of our work. This underpins our approaches to assuring and promoting improved quality standard for training and learning.
  • Collaborative: We collaborate with our stakeholders to build confidence in and improve the quality of vocational education and training opportunities and the recognition of qualifications.
  • Independent: Although we work within the broad framework of Regulatory body’s policy, we are operationally independent in the performance of our functions and in our decision making. We operate with integrity and in a transparent, fair, equitable, impartial and objective manner.

Professional: We treat all persons with respect, dignity and courtesy. We work to the highest standards of service delivery regarding accountability, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency.