Centre Approval Form

  Click to Download Form Application for Centre Approval (Bio Data) Organisation Name   Allocated  Application Number   Established Date   Organisation Address   Contact Number   E-mail Address   Website address   Organisation Status         ( i.e. Ltd)   Registration No: Organisations Business Activities     Organisation/  Establishment Type, Please tick (√) School Independent School […]

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Centre Approval Guide

  Approval Application Expression of interest:  Organisations that are interested to become QVSE centre to run and offer our qualification will need to submit an expression of interest form. This form is available in QVSE website under the title ‘Forms’ On receiving your expression of interest form, you will be allocated a reference number and […]

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Centre Operational Requirement

Centre must demonstrate that the following requirements are met before full approval and to continue same after approval:     1.0 Centres must have clear aims, policies and assessment practices, evidence that responsibilities of personnel are clear and well understood by assessment team   1.1 Internal verification procedures and activities are clearly documented   1.2 […]

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Expression of Interest for Centre Approval

To learn more about offering QVSE and qualifications please send us the completed form or contact the team (Mon–Fri 9.00am – 5pm): at, or  Tel: 09033786858; 08054725306 for questions.     Privacy Statement This Privacy Statement sets out the data processing practices of the Quality Vocational Skills Empowerment (‘QVSE’) Qualifications for the purposes of the […]

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