How we work

1. QVSE is managed by the office of the executive and the board of directors. These two, forms the Governing Body of QVSE. The office of the Executive is responsible for ensuring the developing new qualifications, certificates and delivering the products and services of QVSE within the constraints of the Regulatory Conditions and the overall direction of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting standards, ensuring compliance within the Regulatory Conditions in the context of strategic aims and development of QVSE.

2.The Commercial Director with the Research and Development team will facilitate Market research using information from the field and the stakeholders. The directors of QVSE use extensive contacts in the education training and business sectors to ensure that proposals for new qualifications meet the organisational aims and fully meet the regulatory requirements before they are submitted for accreditation. The Board of Directors requires all QVSE staff, sub-contractors and partners to establish a clear distinction between the awarding organisational function and any other functions that are being provided.

3.The Governing Body is responsible for the commercial viability of QVSE and supporting market research. The Governing Body are compact but made up of people with relevant skills, knowledge and education/industry experience that represent the interests of those being certificated and to ensure that management of resources are sound.

4.There may be some overlap in the personnel to aid communications and quick response to events and enquiries.