Hospitality Trade

Structure of the Qualification:

This is competence- based qualification acquired at workplace that demonstrates that the holder has the (nationally benchmarked) skills and aptitude required to perform the job in question. The qualification is organized at different occupations and are awarded to demonstrate the level of work- based competency the learner has achieved. It is also designed based on ‘National Occupational Standards’ (NOS), which define the standards of performance required for competence in an occupation.

Furthermore, the provision of the qualification system recognize the skills that a prospective learner already had. This is made consistent, reliable and well structured. It is realistic and accessible with scope for progression and have the full support of all the qualification training personnel and external Quality Assurer involved.


There are level one to three of the qualification in the following area:-  

  1. Front Office Operations,
  2. Food and Beverage Production,
  3. Food and beverage service,
  4. Housekeeping operations,
  5. Laundry and Dry Clean Service