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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement sets out the data processing practices of the Quality Vocational Skills Empowerment (‘QVSE’) Qualifications for the purposes of the Data Protection law and related legislation, through the use of the internet and the World Wide Web. Please read and agree to these terms prior to sending us your details in any electronic communications or for any online transaction.


Who we are and what we do

QVSE is an awarding organisation that accredits centres that intends to deliver our courses and to enter candidates for these qualifications.

As an awarding body, QVSE quality-assures and approve education and training establishments which offer QVSE qualifications.

QVSE also arranges for and carries out the assessment of learners taking QVSE qualifications and issues certificates to candidates.

What information do we collect about you?


If you are a candidate for a QVSE qualification (or a qualification that we accredit), we will collect personal information about you that is relevant to your educational journey, the qualification you are studying for and the assessment of your performance in respect of that qualification. This would include the judgment of the quality assurance team.

We may collect that personal information from you directly when you use any service that we offer or submit information to us via our website, Personal information may also be shared with us by third parties who are involved with our qualifications and the learners’ training.


We also collect personal information about those involved in the delivery of QVSE qualifications. The personal information we collect will be information relevant to your role and the performance of your responsibilities within that role.

In the course of performing our functions and activities, we may collect or receive personal information about individuals who are connected with learners (such as parents or other relatives) as well as suppliers and members of the public.

In each case, that personal information may be collected or received directly or it may be shared with us by third parties who are involved with our qualifications.

How we use information

We use the personal information we collect:

  1. To deliver QVSE qualifications.
  2. To award certificates to candidates
  3. To deliver services that candidates request from time to time.
  4. To ensure the quality and integrity of the QVSE qualifications
  5. To prevent fraud and to investigate alleged misconduct
  6. For appointee resource planning, auditing and management
  7. For administration purposes
  8. For statistical and research purposes

Data sharing

We may share your personal information with, and obtain information about you, from:

  1. Schools, colleges and other relevant training establishments
  2. Public bodies with educational and skills training responsibilities
  3. Law enforcement agents
  4. Organisations with whom we partner to deliver our accredited qualifications
  5. Other service providers and third parties who we use to provide our services

We will share and obtain personal information:

  1. For the purposes described in ‘How we will use your information
  2. To enable us to perform our functions and discharge our statutory responsibilities
  3. Where we consider that there is a legitimate public interest to do so.


We may also use personal information to provide you with information about our services and for sales and marketing purposes but if you tell us (see Contact Us) that you do not wish to have your personal information used, in this way we will respect your wishes. We will not permit third parties to use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Access to your information

  1. You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you
  2. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, contact the service desk.

Changes to this privacy statement

We keep this privacy statement under regular review and may update it from time to time. Where we update our privacy statement we will place an updated privacy statement on our website and, where the changes are material, will take other reasonable steps to bring it to your attention.

Privacy statement was last updated on January 2018.



Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy statement or the information we hold about you:

By e-mail –

If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, please e-mail us on  but remember that if you do so we will be unable to provide you with information about latest publications etc.

Contact Information

09033786858; 08054725306

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