Centre Registration to Learners certification stage

Centre Registration to learners Certification Journey

Stage 1:                                             Get Your Centre Approved and allocated with centre Number  
Stage 2:                                                                 Recruit Learners and register them in your Centre  


  Stage 3:                                                                  Carry out Initial assessment and place them to the right course at right level  
  Stage 4:                                                     Register Learners with QVSE using Learners registration Template provided. (Complete only the course registration section)
  Stage 5:                                                         Pay the registration fees to QVSE  (This will also cover for the certification when competence is achieved)  
  Stage 6:                                                         Receive ULN for your Learners from QVSE
  Stage 7                                                                 Carry on delivering the training using standard provided by QVSE to your Centre  
  Stage 8                                                                  When learners achieved competence, apply for EQA visit using the Template provided
  Stage 9                                                                                                       After EQA visit, if all went well, Register Competent Learners for certification using Learners registration Template provided. (Complete only the request for certification section) and send to us to claim certificate for your learners