Centre Approval Guide


  1. Approval Application

Expression of interest: 

Organisations that are interested to become QVSE centre to run and offer our qualification will need to submit an expression of interest form. This form is available in QVSE website under the title ‘Forms’

On receiving your expression of interest form, you will be allocated a reference number and invited to download the application form to become a QVSE Approved Centre and the Approval Criteria from the QVSE website.

On receiving your application form, you will need an approval visit to do this, an approval personnel will allocated to you


At this point, it will be really important that you download and read through the approval criteria and make sure you have the appropriate evidence in place to meet each of the criterions.  To assist you, the approval criterion provides examples of possible sources of evidence under each of the headings.


  1. Approval Visit

Once we’ve received your application we will allocate an Approval Personnel who will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for the visit.  The Approval Personnel will be happy to answer any questions you have about the visit, so feel free to mention any concerns you may have.

Prior to the approval visit, you should make sure that you have all the requirements detailed in the approval criteria in place including any necessary resources appropriate to the qualification.  A checklist is a good idea at this stage.  If you feel you want to postpone or re-schedule the visit arranged /agreed time, You must let the Approval Personnel know in time, at least 2 weeks before the visit to avoid unnecessary expenses being incurred.

  1. During the approval visit

The Approval Personnel will need to see evidence that all the criteria are being met, including the appropriate resources for the qualification.  If you have any satellite centres that will be involved in the delivery of the qualification(s) please ensure that all requirements are in place in all sites, and that there’s someone responsible for coordination and standardisation meetings across these sites.

  1. Approval Advisor Visit Report

Following your approval visit, the Approval Personnel/s will provide QVSE with a detailed report on their findings.  There will be no surprises in the report as the Approval Personnel will have discussed everything with you on the visit.  Our Quality Assurance team will send you a copy of this report and inform you whether or not you have met our approval criteria.

  1. Action Plan

If approval has not been given following the initial visit, the Approval Personnel report will include a detailed action plan highlighting what you need to do in order to meet the criteria, and whether a second visit is necessary.  On some occasions it may be possible for you to post the outstanding documentation to the Approval Personnel.




  1. Approval License (Certificate)

Once you are approved you’ll receive  the QVSE approved centre license (certificate) that recognise  you as an approved QVSE centre, together with some helpful information on how you get access to the portal to register your learners etc.

Approval licence is for a period of one year and are renewed annually as a centre continue to prove maintenance of expected quality standard of delivery

  1. What happens next?

You’ll receive from QVSE the direct contact details of your Customer Support Assistant and Business Development Account Manager who will deal with any centre’s queries you have.

You’ll also be allocated a Quality Assurance Manager who can talk to you about your centre’s curriculum needs and support quality standard.

  1. Approval Requirement

A centre is approved based on having adequate resources on the following:-

  • Management system, (b. Resources, (c. Candidate support system, (d. Recording system,

(e. Assessment and Verification procedure.


  • Secured premises and facilities
  • Health and safety standard
  • Qualified training and quality assurance team (this will be in relation to the qualification offering and the levels.
  • Availability of practical work place for learners
  • A robust operational policy and procedure
  • A clear management system
  • A proven financial track record


  • Centre / Subject and Qualification Approval







A clear diagram of centre approval process and stages

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