Centre Application Form

Quality Vocational Skills Empowerment

Centre Application Form for Approval to run QVSE courses as an accredited centre


  • Make sure that all supporting documentation is attached.
  • Make sure that all questions are completed in full and as stated.
Section 1 – Organisational Details

Name of Organisation


Type of Organisation:

Company / charity No.:





Telephone No:





Are you an accredited/registered Learning Body? If so, please provide details including any accreditation/registration numbers
How long have you been operational?  


Please give details of centre premises, i.e. owned/leased, (including length of lease):
Please describe the nature of the teaching and learning in your organisation. Example: We are a private college that delivers distance learning.
Does your organisation have a particular area of expertise e.g. health education, business studies?
How many teaching staff are currently employed?
Is your organisation inspected by any external authorities?  If so please specify. Please state names, date of visits and any relevant details on inspection agencies below.



Section 2 – Management
Name of Head of Organisation
Name of person responsible for Admissions
Name of person responsible for Quality Monitoring
Name of Person Responsible for Curriculum Delivery
Provide details of any other personnel relevant to this application including contact numbers and emails







Section 3 – Programme Details
Please list the courses you currently offer and indicate enrolment numbers for the current and previous academic year:
Awarding Body Qualification Course contact Numbers for current

academic year

Numbers for previous academic year


Which programmes are you interested in offering through QVSE (please underline or circle  any that you wish to enrol students for in your first and second year of operation)  

1.       Level  2 / 3 / 4 / 5  Child Care / Nursery Practitioners Qualification

2.       Level  2 / 3               Home base Child Care Qualification

3.       Level   3  / 4 /  5      Teacher Training Qualification

4.       Level  1 /  2 / 3 / 4  Health and social care Qualification

5.       Level  2  / 3 / 4         Hotel and Hospitality Qualification

6.       Level  1 / 2               Young Learners Qualification:

ICT, Design and Technology,

Office Management, Entrepreneurship

Please provide details of Centre intakes and how many learners you expect to recruit on to the programmes:
Programme  Proposed Start Date Number of students


Section 4 – Teaching and Learning
How are you planning on delivering the course to your learners? e.g online face to face or blended learning? Are they full time or part time?
Please give details of your buildings and size of premises (i.e. classrooms, social spaces, study areas etc).
What facilities do you have in each classroom, i.e. whiteboards, projectors

Internet access etc.

Do you have the following: (please delete accordingly)
Library YES   /  NO
Computer access YES  /  NO
Student common room YES /  NO
Staff common room YES /  NO
Section 5 – Student Support
Please provide the name of the student welfare officer.
What type of learning support are students






What provision is there for students with physical or other impairments?  


Section 6 – Details of Key Staff (5 only)
Name Qualifications Years of experience Specialist subject(s)
Section 7 – Business Plan
Please provide a short description of how you plan to deliver QVSE qualification:
Section 8 – Marketing
Please describe how you intend to market

and promote the courses? (following approval)



How did you hear about QVSE?



Section 9 – References
Please give details of an academic referee (including full contact details)  





Please give details of a commercial referee (including full contact details)  





Section 10 – Signature
I acknowledge that I have completed all sections of this application to the best of my ability and that all information given is true and complete. Failure to do so may delay approval and/or invalidate this application.

(Print Name):







Section 11 – Acceptance Process          
·                     This Application Form is used by QVSE as part of their due diligence process.

·                     QVSE will let you know within 14 days if your application has been successful.

·                     Please note that until any acceptance has been given and a subsequent contact issued, the organisation is not permitted to release any marketing material that make reference to QVSE programmes.


Please be aware that as part of the centre recognition process a credit check will be performed Centres may also receive a telephone call and / or email if they require any further information.


Section 12 – Document Checklist, (to be included with application)
Organisational chart with individual roles and responsibilities Teaching staff CVs showing relevant specialist academic and sector experience and qualifications
Complaints procedures Data protection policy
Equality & Diversity policy Health & Safety policy
Appeals procedure for candidates Malpractice policy including academic misconduct and plagiarism policy
Copy of Company Registration Certificate Deeds or Rental agreement of the property occupied /using for operation
Photographic evidence of your facilities, eg, classrooms, computers, library